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58 H U N T I N G T O N Q U A R T E R L Y A U T U M N 2 0 1 5 T I N G N N T G I N 8 R T E R R R E R T R L T E R Q O N T U M T U M T U N U M 5 2 0 1 I n 1910, Edwin Hawley, a major stockholder in the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, convinced the C&O to buy The Greenbrier. About the same time, Hawley began construction of a summer cottage at the famed resort. Although Hawley would die before his cottage was finished in 1912, it was called Hawley Cottage for decades. The Greenbrier would remain in the railroad's hands until 2009 when billionaire Jim Justice purchased the then-ailing resort from the CSX Corp. (the C&O's corporate successor) and set about restoring its lost luster. Justice has invested millions of dollars in the resort. He built an underground casino and established The Greenbrier Classic, the PGA Tour FedEx Cup golf tournament. He opened a pre-season training facility for the New Orleans Saints, built a tennis stadium and a 400-seat wedding chapel. And in a nod to its heritage, The Greenbrier has undertaken a long-term effort to restore some of the resort's historic structures, such as the Hawley Cottage. New and Improved Historic Greenbrier cottages restored to their former glory as resort continues to prosper. By James E. Casto Photos courtesy of The Greenbrier

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